Summer heat

Brave the heat and stay on beat at the county fair.

Cloggers and county fairs just go together! Somewhere between the pretty baby contests, the livestock exhibits, the booths of everything sugary and fried, we find a spot to plug in a sound system and dance. Why does it always have to be so HOT?!

Teams everywhere have been posting pictures and videos from their own fair shows. Y'all look great!

I’M MELTING, MELTING, MELTING… (Collapse dramatically)

My team had our first HOT demo of the year last weekend. It was for a good cause - a Relay For Life event in Mason,OH. But you know what I’m talkin’ about: outside temp was 90-ish, we were dancing in the sun, on blacktop, for an hour. Whew! Proud of myself and my teammates for hanging in there!