I’M MELTING, MELTING, MELTING… (Collapse dramatically)

Cookout at Dustin's house before dancing in the heat!

Cookout at Dustin's house before dancing in the heat!

My team had our first HOT demo of the year last weekend. It was for a good cause - a Relay For Life event in Mason,OH. But you know what I’m talkin’ about: outside temp was 90-ish, we were dancing in the sun, on blacktop, for an hour. Whew! Proud of myself and my teammates for hanging in there!

Thank goodness our director is a pro! She chatted with the audience on the mic to give us recovery time between numbers without leaving a lag in the show. This meant we needed to cut a couple songs from the list, but that was probably for the best.

I always carry plenty of water but it quickly got warm. Considering adding one of those insulated cooler bags to my summer show essentials to make sure there is cold water available for these situations.

Summer is officially here, cloggers! Be careful out there!

How do you keep cool during summer shows?