The girl with the clogging tattoo: Erica


How much do you love clogging? Enough to get a clogging tattoo? For Erica Haning, director of the Riverside Cloggers in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the answer is YES!

This is Erica's second tattoo. Her brother previously worked in a tattoo shop, and he applied her first ink. She was so pleased with his work, she enlisted his services again during a recent visit to his home in Florida.

Erica originally planned the first tattoo to be a pair of clogging shoes. She ultimately decided to go with something smaller for her first piece, a tattoo she shares with other family members.

This time, she was ready to express her passion for clogging! Erica arrived in The Sunshine State with a tattoo design in mind. Her brother drew it out from a photograph and got to work.

Don't expect your tattoo experience to be quite the same as Erica's - she received VIP treatment to distract from the pain! Her young nephew decided he would "help" by reading aloud during the tattoo procedure. He scolded Aunt Erica every time she tried to sneak a peek at the progress. "Hey, I'm reading to you! Listen!"

Three Scooby Doo books later, Erica looked down to find that her dream of a clogging tattoo was now reality!


What did everybody think of Erica's new ink?

"I've had a lot of great responses. My team especially loved it, of course. I've actually had people I don't know stop me in gas stations and tell me they really like my tattoo."

She may have started a trend! A few members of the Riverside Cloggers are considering matching tattoo designs.

Will there be a third tattoo? Erica is a competitive bowler, so I wondered if a bowling tattoo was next...

"If I were to ever get another tattoo, it would probably have something to do with my team, like our team name/logo. Though bowling is a second love of mine, clogging and my team means more to me. I only want to get a thing permanently put on my body that means so much to me."

Thanks for sharing your story, Erica! Congrats on a beautiful tattoo! 

Let me know if any of your teammates get matching ink!

Do YOU have a clogging tattoo? Would you consider one? Tell us about the design!