Clogging shoes

My favorite shoes are clogging shoes!

Running the sound system will never be my strength in clogging class. A full month as DJ Sheila Jo made this quite clear. No surprise to every teenager on my team. They teach me how to use a cell phone on a regular basis...

With my surgeon's okay, I laced up clogging shoes and returned to the dance floor this week.

The girl with the clogging tattoo: Erica

How much do you love clogging? Enough to get a clogging tattoo? For Erica Haning, director of the Riverside Cloggers, the answer is YES!

This is Erica's second tattoo. Her brother previously worked in a tattoo shop, and he applied her first ink. She was so pleased with his work, she enlisted his services once again during a recent visit to his home in Florida.

What color clogging shoes should you wear today? A clogging quiz!

Imagine you wake up one morning to find a clogger's dream come true: the closet is full of dance shoes in every color! How will you decide which shoes to wear on any given day?

Grab a pencil and take this quiz, of course!

When clogging taps break, who gets you back on the dance floor?

It happened to me at a recent performance: broken tap! In this case, a teammate who serves as our shoe repair person replaced it before I went home. Look at that shiny, unscratched toe tap! (Thanks, Bob!)

Bob took it upon himself to learn the task years ago when his son broke a tap shortly before going onstage to compete. There was no shoe vendor at this particular competition. 

Clogging shoe care: A review of Tarrago Shoe Cream

Dirt and scuffs and stains, oh my! Between dance classes and shows, those clogging shoes quickly lose their shine and become less than show-worthy (Not sure that's really a word, but you know what it means.).

Lately, my shoe polish hasn't been cutting it, and I've started a search to find the best products to keep my clogging shoes looking good.

There's more than one way to tie a clogging shoe.

Here in Ohio, the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival in September is a big deal for cloggers. According to the current schedule, about a dozen clogging teams will be performing, along with some square dance groups. I love events of this sort and I'm glad organizer Adam King of the Yellow Rose Cloggers keeps my team on the invite list!

Last year had an unexpected takeaway: a new way to tie shoes! 

Remember the joy!

If you have been clogging for years, do yourself a favor and go to beginner class!

I recently attended the very first beginner clogging class at a new performing arts/entertainment center (Congrats to a member of my clogging family on starting his new business!). It was fun to watch wide-eyed students work on finding the beat, learning the difference between a step/stamp/stomp, and cautiously attempting a (gasp!) double toe!

Class number three included considerably more happy noise: SHOES!