And the clogging tee shirt collection grows larger...


How large is your stash of team tee shirts? A sizeable stack on the closet shelf? A few boxes under the bed? The entire guest room closet?

No matter the size of your team wardrobe, the day new clogging tee shirts are delivered is still an exciting day! 

For the Fancy Free Cloggers, this happened over the weekend. If anyone is looking for us, we will now be sporting blue tie-dye and silver sparkles at all the local festivals! Here's a better shot of the new shirt:


Some teams stick with one color scheme, while others mix it up. Each strategy has its benefits. A consistent color palette makes a team more recognizable, but changing colors periodically keeps the longtime members from getting bored.

 I personally enjoy that my team director chooses a different color and design style each time. Sure, we sometimes end up with a color that is not particularly flattering on me, but maybe it makes another team member feel beautiful. Love it or hate it, the shirt will eventually be replaced, so it's nothing to complain about. Put on your tee shirt and dance!

My original idea for this post was to pull all the team tee shirts from my closet to get a current count. Partway through this task, a truth became apparent:

I collect clogging tee shirts.

Many of you can top this, but there is a workshop shirt from the 90's in my closet RIGHT NOW. (Oddly, my childhood team didn't have matching tee shirts, so I can only take this back so far...)

Last week, I was unaware that a "collection" lived in my closet. Team shirts, workshop shirts, competition shirts, general clogging shirts - in colors to go with any pair of shorts or leggings for dance practice!

Welcome to the collection, blue tie-dye! Um, thanks for helping me understand I have a collection? Don't worry - you won't be the "new kid" for long!

What's the oldest clogging tee shirt in YOUR closet? Did you just now realize you have a "collection," too? Do you dare put a count on the number of clogging tee shirts you own?