When clogging shoes fly...


"That (insert unlikely event) will happen when pigs fly!"

Why isn't the idiom "when clogging shoes fly" instead? Ha, ha - experienced cloggers don't need to ask that question! We've seen clogging shoes take to the air plenty of times!

A person active in clogging long enough will at least witness (and most likely personally experience) a whole list of common clogging calamities. Losing a shoe happens to almost everyone, perfectly timed to cause maximum embarrassment.

What causes this?

1. Shoes that are a tad too big. A clogger may be using hand-me-downs from an older sibling, or a parent purchased shoes with a little growing room included.

2. Laces that don't get readjusted between practice and performance. If a dancer practices wearing socks and performs wearing pantyhose, the shoelaces should be tightened accordingly. Also, feet fluctuate in size throughout the day.  People are advised  to shop for shoes in late afternoon or evening, when feet are at their largest. A morning performance may require tighter laces than evening practice. Various medical conditions can cause swelling in the feet, too. Don't be lazy and just slip your shoes on for a show - take time to fix the laces!

3. Murphy's Law. He may not have been a clogger, but his law certainly applies!

What should you do?

Don't make a fuss. As long as the situation is safe, KEEP DANCING! 

If the safety of your teammates is compromised, move your shoe and resume dancing ASAP.  (Examples of a dangerous situation would include your shoe landing directly behind a dancer who is about to move backwards, or your shoe landing in the path of a dancer with impaired vision. Protect your teammates.)

It's not the end of the world.

Whether your shoe takes flight across the competition stage, falls off in front of that snooty relative who is always tsk-tsking your odd dance hobby, or the shoe comes off the ONE time a whole group of coworkers attend your show, don't despair: you just became a member of the club! (We should really consider getting matching tee shirts or something. And maybe holding regular meetings to swap stories.)

Are YOU a member of the Shoe Fly Club?