Those old cloggin' songs are everywhere!


A song is forever changed once you learn a clogging routine to it. Years later, that tune can come across the radio, and you find yourself marking steps because there's at least one part you still  remember!

This can be distracting. My favorite Zumba teacher had a routine to "Boogie Shoes." Good thing the choreo was easy on that one because my brain called for a Samantha,  push-off, triple to the back instead of her moves!

I recently attended family dinner at a casino buffet to celebrate my mother's birthday. The soundtrack during our meal may as well be called Songs I Used To Clog To. This was not limited to a specific genre or time period, either. Even my mother commented on it - they played songs I clogged to as a middle schooler, a college student, and songs my team performs today!

After years of clogging, I hear old dance songs nearly every day - driving to work, shopping for groceries, waiting in line. Those songs can never truly be background music again. I don't mind. They bring back memories of shows, practices, and teammates, even if trying to remember the choreography occasionally makes me forget an item from my grocery list!

Do you hear that song? I did a dance to it! We formed a circle here, then it opened up into two lines and we did a high horse! I forget the next part, but there was definitely a California twirl after that. Sorry, what were we talking about?!

Do YOU get distracted when you hear clogging songs outside of dance class?