Clogger's Dictionary: Crinoline (noun)


Today's vocabulary word is a wardrobe staple for many clogging teams: the crinoline! Synonyms include petticoat or slip.

Here's my official definition:

Crinoline (noun):  An item worn under a clogging skirt to give it that satisfying floof and swoosh while dancing. It helps keep, um, stuff covered while still allowing freedom of movement. A crinoline can add a bonus pop of color to an otherwise plain dancing costume.  Did I mention the floof and swoosh?!

I LOVE crinolines! Some clogging  teams eschew them in favor of a more modern look. That is totally your business, and I bet y'all look great. However, if you don't break out a crinoline every once in a while, you are missing out!

Spins and turns become triple the fun in a crinoline! Attempting to use the port-a-potty becomes an extreme adventure in a crinoline! You can take hilarious photos of how many crinoline clad cloggers you can fit into a car!

A crinoline also gives us awkward cloggers something to do with our hands. I have a tendency to let my arms flop around a bit too vigorously while dancing. When that starts to happen, I grab the sides of my skirt and swish it - always a safe move!

I leave you with yet another benefit of the crinoline:  The "petticoat pump" step just feels better when you are dressed appropriately!

What word would YOU add to the Clogger's Dictionary?