The feet are willing, but the brain is full...


Face it: there is a limit to how many clogging steps/routines a person can absorb at once.

I find this fact to be particularly annoying during workshops. "Afternoon fog" is a term bandied about to describe the phenomenon. Basically, your mental fatigue and physical fatigue combine to make a step sequence or entire routine WAY more difficult than it would normally be. 

Pity those instructors with late afternoon teaching slots!  I wonder if they film us and share our best bloopers at a secret meeting.

"Check it out, Edna! The clogger in the second row took advanced classes all morning, but couldn't figure out how to turn a samantha to the back in my 3:00 teach, ha-ha!" 

(In my imagination, this meeting takes place in a hidden underground lair. Edna is of course an alias. The instructors are probably wearing superhero capes and eating cookies warm from the oven. Can anyone get me an invite to this instructor cave?!)

The routines from World of Clogging workshop are all mixed together in my mind right now. However, time spent studying the cue sheet, a video, and/or calling a friend who took the same class will put the steps back into sequence in my head. I'll soon be ready to share my favorite routines at team practice!

Congrats to all of you who keep clogging through the afternoon fog! Thank you to the instructors who just smile and explain the step again! Hope to see you at another workshop soon!

How do YOU deal with afternoon fog at clogging workshops?