In search of clogging at Jungle Jim's...


Folks who participate in other sports have no problem randomly finding items related to their hobbies. Soccer, basketball, football - there is STUFF everywhere! Clogging? Not so much!

My mother-in-law and nephew are visiting from Florida this week, and one of our activities was a trip to Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati, OH. I decided to go on a search for clogging-related merchandise! 

Really? Grocery shopping as an activity with your guests? 

YES! Jungle Jim's is no ordinary shopping experience. There are 2 locations, both of them in the Cincinnati area (Eastgate and Fairfield). Each store has more than 200,000 square feet of shopping space. They carry items from all over the world, and aisles contain plenty of quirky displays. Surely there is something related to clogging, even if I have to take it totally out of context, right?


The first photo got me caught in an epic fail! I hadn't shared my clogging mission with a certain handsome gentleman, but he knew what I was up to as soon as I took this shot: "You realize that says GLOGG, not CLOGG?" Oops!

Getting warmer! These are the shoes other people THINK we wear!

They're even available in a more comfy slipper form!

That was the end of my luck with clogging products at Jungle Jim's. I expected to find something in the Japanese candy section, at least a graphic of a  character dancing that could be interpreted as clogging. Nope! It was a fun search, though!

Have YOU come across any clogging-related products in unexpected places? 
(If you want to relax in the "other" kind of clogs after clogging practice, I did find another brand of the "wooden shoe" house slippers available online. Looks like they ship from outside the US, so be prepared for delivery to take some time. The same seller has slippers in red or blue if you prefer. Disclosure: Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.)
(I also found these socks. Cute!)