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This clogger means business!

Sessilie Tackett, clogger with Rhythmic Alliance, means business both on and off the dance floor! This award-winning dancer is the creator of Custom Designs By Sessilie, providing unique apparel options for cloggers.

 I met Sessilie a couple years ago at the Stompin' Grounds (Maggie Valley, NC), where she was tearing up the competition during Shindig in the Valley. It has been a delight to watch her business grow (Thank you, social media!).

Here's what this clogger is currently...

It's August! What's going on in the life and times of cloggers right now? 

(Share your update in the comments - let's have fun with this!)

Here's what THIS clogger is currently...


"Bad" - choreography by teammate Dustin.

"Work" - choreography by teammate Sabrena.

"Bad Moon Rising" - choreography by Steve Smith (routine from the CLOG National Dance List.) Working on my national dance list/fun dance challenge!

Calls for our new competition hoedown!

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In search of clogging at Jungle Jim's...

Folks who participate in other sports have no problem randomly finding items related to their hobbies. Soccer, basketball, football - there is STUFF everywhere! Clogging? Not so much!

My mother-in-law and nephew are visiting from Florida this week, and one of our activities was a trip to Jungle Jim's International Market in Cincinnati, OH. I decided to go on a search for clogging-related merchandise!