Here's what this clogger is currently...


It's August! What's going on in the life and times of cloggers right now? 

(Share your update in the comments - let's have fun with this!)

Here's what THIS clogger is currently...


"Bad" - choreography by teammate Dustin.

"Work" - choreography by teammate Sabrena.

"Bad Moon Rising" - choreography by Steve Smith (routine from the CLOG National Dance List.) Working on my national dance list/fun dance challenge!

Calls for our new competition hoedown.

Excited about:

My clogging director's experience at Dolly Parton's concert this week! Yep, Evie skipped out on Tuesday night clogging class to see Dolly at the Ohio State Fair. I'm expecting a full report of Dolly's awesomeness.

Dancing in the pre-show for Moe Bandy's concert at the Red Barn this weekend. Even better, a young teammate will make her Red Barn debut - congrats, Elysia!

A trip to Tennessee later this month for the Wilson County Fair Clogging Competition.

All of the cool shows we have lined up for September, including the Mothman Festival, the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival, and the Senior Olympics (I think Elvis will be back!)!

Hoedown Island - hoping the rain holds off again this year.

Stalking the mailbox for:

A fun new tank top to wear at dance class/exercise classes - there are kittens involved! It is shipping from another country, however, so I'm expecting a wait...

Some clogging-related books I found online - will review them for y'all later.

Snacking on at dance practice:

Popsicles! So good on a hot day! (But if anyone wants to make Pudding Pops instead, I am on board. Come on, JELL-O, bring those things back!)


The perfect duo song. It's out there somewhere!

A new fitness watch? My Basis Peak has been recalled! Haven't decided if I will replace it or not. Got any specific brands or models to suggest? 

The perfect clogging bra. Not sure it exists...


A wonderful weekend to all my fellow cloggers out there!

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