Perks and perils of clogging to live music.


For most of us, the typical clogging performance includes bringing music of our own. Predictable music. Exactly as practiced. Always sounds the same (with the exception of music technology glitches).

Sometimes, cloggers get to perform with live music instead! This brings a special level of fun and challenge to the show!

Perk: the energy

The dancers and the band can take turns being showcased at different parts of a song, or they can have a friendly competition to outdo each other!

Peril: it never sounds the same twice

Even if you have a recording of the band in advance, they will not play it exactly that way in every show. If you prepared specific choreography, it may go out the window when the band throws in a random 4-beater or run.  Adapt as best you can! 

Perk: twice the entertainment

A crowd watching both the band and the cloggers tends to become more interactive, cheering and clapping and maybe even dancing in the aisles!

Peril: watch out for those cords

Bands have equipment and instruments. Expensive equipment and instruments. Check your dance area for obstacles such as speaker cords, microphone stands, etc. and adjust your stage movement accordingly. 

Perk: collaboration is educational

Working with a band can give cloggers a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into creating music. The band might learn a thing or two about dancing!

Peril: the band sets the pace

Live bands don't come with a speed control button. Cloggers may end up frantically moving to keep up or trying to put more bounce into the choreography when music is uncomfortably slow.

Perk: you're clogging

Clogging to live music is exciting and can get you on the stage at a variety of events. When the opportunity is there, get up and dance! Remember, "Ida Red" goes with everything!

Do YOU have any stories or tips to share about clogging to live music?