Clogging music

What's on the soundtrack to your clogging life?

Everything has a soundtrack; why not your clogging life? After much debate, I came up with mine. It dates me, and I care not one bit! Curious to see what others come up with. 

8. Walking On Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)

This song SCREAMS happy! Reminds me of how a new clogger feels, falling in love with the dance. You do double toes EVERYWHERE - the grocery store, school hallways, the gas station, whatever.

(I did a quick search for my 5th or 6th grade clogging picture to add here, but was unable to locate it. Will post later if it turns up.)

Perks and perils of clogging to live music.

For most of us, the typical clogging performance includes bringing music of our own. Predictable music. Exactly as practiced. Always sounds the same (with the exception of music technology glitches).

Sometimes, cloggers get to perform with live music instead! This brings a special level of fun and challenge!