Favorite quirky place to clog: Mothman Festival!


While I enjoy clogging at fall festivals in general, I have a special love of the quirky ones. The kind where people watching is every bit as fun as the sanctioned events. Mothman Festival in West Virginia tops my list! 

This show isn't even my team's gig; Riverside Cloggers (our "sister team") hails from Point Pleasant, and they always invite Fancy Free Cloggers to join one of their performances. Please keep inviting us!

Background story

In 1966, strange happenings were afoot in Point Pleasant, WV. An unknown flying creature with red eyes was sighted all over the area. Rumor has it the Men In Black advised witnesses to keep quiet. The Silver Bridge fell in 1967, killing 46 people (official cause listed as a failed eye-bar and weld). Mothman himself remains a mystery...

Point Pleasant boasts the world's only Mothman Museum, and this is the 15th year of the Mothman Festival.



Be prepared to pay about $5 or risk being towed. The official festival parking involves your choice of a long walk or a longer wait in line for the shuttle. Take the walk if you are able to do so - the path is marked well!


Variations on this sticker are common in the parking area.


This vehicle wore it best!

Mothman pageant:


Gotta have some queens to rule the festival! My clogging teammate and I met some of this year's Mothman royalty. Congrats, ladies!



TWO clogging shows on Saturday! One with Riverside Cloggers and Fancy Free Cloggers combined, and a later show with Riverside Cloggers solo! Plenty of seating, plus a view of the river!


A band with fashion sense this good is worth a listen any day! This cat lady HAD to snag a pic with musicians from 5:42 before their performance.


Due to schedule conflicts, I didn't get to hear the guest speakers, but did catch up with one of the very tall Frick brothers on the street! He appears in the Eyes of the Mothman documentary.


Cool photo ops are everywhere! Who ya gonna call?!

The line to meet cast members from the television series Mountain Monsters stretched for blocks, so I did not get a photo with them. People who did wait in line commented that these celebrities took time to chat with everyone. 

Other entertainment includes wagon rides through the town, bus tours of the TNT area where Mothman was first spotted, a hayride through the TNT area, and a hillbilly zipline.



Mothman pancakes are a big hit every year! Many other food items available, both in regular and in Mothman form!

Street views:

Walking around and taking it all in is truly the best part of the festival!


Man In Black, Mothman, AND Bigfoot?! Actually, this photo could've been even more awesome - Batman is standing to my left, but got cut out!


Beware of Mothdog! So vicious!


Jaime and I don't frighten her one bit!


I am not at liberty to divulge details of our conversation...


Have you befriended a redhead today?


Would love to try these, but I don't need another reason to visit my orthopedic surgeon.


Vendors create wonderful Mothman merchandise for this festival! Picked up a new tee shirt for myself and one for a nephew who enjoys the Mothman legend. You can find hats, mugs, jewelry, candle holders, buttons, books, paintings, and more. Most creative this year probably goes to the tent selling Mothman beard balm. Kicking myself for not getting a pic of that display!

Want to  experience this festival for yourself?

Mark your calendar! Mothman festival 2017 will take place September 16th and 17th. If you need a hotel, book it NOW.

Thank you, Riverside Cloggers!

Does YOUR team perform at any unusual festivals or events?