What color clogging shoes should you wear today? A clogging quiz!


Imagine you wake up one morning to find a clogger's dream come true: the closet is full of dance shoes in every color! How will you decide which shoes to wear on any given day?

Grab a pencil and take this quiz, of course!

1. Fun dance you want to clog right now:

A: Ida Red - I've got energy to burn!

B: Rocky Top - bring on the song of maximum clogginess!

C: All Shook Up - because, Elvis!

D: Anything - if you can cue it, I can do it!

E: Little Red Riding Hood - I ain't afraid of no arm movements!

2.  Show type you feel like performing:

A: Let's go to a workshop instead and dance all day!

B: Local fair or festival - celebrate our hometown!

C: Nursing home show. - bring some smiles to the residents and staff!

D: Performing with a band - anything can happen!

E: Any new location or event - I want to clog in as many places as possible!

3. Activity you hope is included in the next clogging class:

A: Accuracy contest - sit down as soon as you make even the tiniest mistake. Last clogger standing wins!

B: Step drill - you're never too advanced to work on the fundamentals.

C: A group dance like Wild Wild West - get a chance to dance with everybody!

D: Freestyle solos!

E: Learning new clogging routines with other dance styles mixed in. Ballet, hip-hop, belly dance, lyrical - dance is fascinating!

4. Clogging step best suited to your current mood:

A: Mountain goat - such a happy step!

B: Rocking chair - a calm, peaceful step.

C: Turkey - sociable. Dance towards your neighbor on the left, then go see your neighbor to the right.

D: Clogover vine - adaptable, ready for anything. Variations of this step can easily pair with whatever music the day brings!

E: Scotty - up, down, and all around, this step keeps moving!

5. Costume you most want to wear:

A: The brightest colors I've got!

B: Bring me a crinoline! (Or a western shirt for the fellers.)

C: Team tee shirt and jeans, please!

D: Just make sure it sparkles!

E: Let's pick a color or theme and everyone can develop an individual look!


Which answer did you give most often?

A: You should wear YELLOW clogging shoes today! Even if the weather takes a turn to the gloomy, you will have a sunny day!

B: Break out the BLUE clogging shoes. You know what you're doing and where you're going. The dancer in blue shoes cannot be rattled.

C: GREEN shoes are a great choice! May as well look good while you're out doing some good in this world!

D: Make a statement with RED clogging shoes! No way are you having a boring day!

E: Not everyone can pull off PURPLE clogging shoes, but you've got the right attitude today! Make those big ideas happen!

A mix of answers: Consider wearing ORANGE, PINK, TEAL, or MULTI-COLOR clogging shoes. Make the day yours!

Don't own any clogging shoes beyond the basic black or white?

No problem! Try socks or shoelaces in colors to suit your mood for the next dance class!

Special thanks to cloggers Janet and Thomas Sileo of Sterling, Virginia for the photograph of their awesome clogging shoe collection!
What color clogging shoes should YOU wear today?