Favorite quirky place to clog: Mothman Festival!

While I enjoy clogging at fall festivals in general, I have a special love of the quirky ones. The kind where people watching is every bit as fun as the sanctioned events. Mothman Festival in West Virginia tops my list! 

This show isn't even my team's gig; Riverside Cloggers (our "sister team") hails from Point Pleasant, and they always invite Fancy Free Cloggers to join one of their performances. Please keep inviting us!

This clogger LOVES the festivals of fall!

Fine, it wasn't technically autumn until yesterday. I'll argue that fall festival season starts with September, so it's already in full swing!

Fall festivals usually bring comfortable temperatures for clogging performances and savory treats at the food booths. While you may be able to provide examples to the contrary, I find fall festivals to be a bit more quirky and fun than the summer festivals.