Costumes hangin' on the line: Dollywood Clogging Classic 2017, PART TWO


Sometimes, a dancer just has to take one for the team. I saw examples of this all day long at the Dollywood Clogging Classic, starting with my own director.

Evie opened her garment bag at Sunday's competition and was surprised to discover a wet costume on top. She dug through the bag to find every costume soaked. Remember how it rained all day Friday and Saturday? Apparently, Evie's car had a leaky trunk!

She hung costumes out to dry in the sun (Dolly would approve, certainly!), but nothing could be done about the costume she needed to put on right then. Poor Evie wrung water out of her spankies, put them on, and danced like a champ!

My teammate Molly attended her high school prom Saturday night and slept in the car as her parents made the drive to Tennessee!


A sleepy Molly arrived at my hotel room Sunday morning to put on competition make-up while her parents grabbed a brief nap. Despite making the switch from "prom pretty" to "competition ready" without a real night's sleep, she performed well all day. I respect and appreciate the maturity and team attitude demonstrated by Molly at this competition.  Also, I NEED a pair of those purple blinged-out shoes...

Why is it that the most uncomfortable costumes look so good on the stage?! Aubree from Taps In Motion sports a clock on her face to play Cogsworth in their Beauty and the Beast routine!


Upon close inspection, it's even harder to wear than I originally thought! The clock hands attach to a clear plastic piece coming down from the hat and fitting over the dancer's nose. Despite these distractions, Aubree wore a smile and brought her character to life. What a pro!

All three of these ladies set an excellent example for cloggers everywhere. Thank you!

Do YOU  have a story to share about a teammate who took one for the team?