Good sportsmanship is alive and well in the clogging world!


The dressing room of a clogging competition is a crowded, hectic place. Costume pieces flung about during quick changes, bobby pins and safety pins everywhere, dancers making sure they have every piece of the next outfit on, a crowd around the mirror, and the smell of hairspray in the air... 

The dressing room is also a place to make new friends, and frequently, to witness acts of good sportsmanship.

Fancy Free Cloggers would like to publicly recognize Allison Curtis from Power Taps (Georgia) for jumping in to help one of our dancers at the Dollywood Clogging Classic!

While changing into her Darth Vader costume for our Star Wars show routine, my teammate Molly realized she forgot to pack her cape. She spied a black trash bag belonging to our team director and got to work fashioning a cape out of it. 

Allison saw Molly struggling and came to the rescue! She got the trash bag folded and pinned into a nice-looking cape. It held up great for our performance!


That would be Molly in the center with her "designer" cape by Glad, ha-ha! The cape even survived a light saber fight.


Allison is a class act! Thank you for making the clogging world a friendlier place!

Do YOU have any acts of good sportsmanship to share?