Friendly competition at the World of Clogging Championships!


Yes, I am an adult who competes in clogging. One problem with this is a shortage of adult teams. While performing in front of other cloggers and getting feedback from judges is always helpful, it isn't exactly impressive to display a bunch of trophies you won because you were the ONLY team in your age division...

This was not the case at the World of Clogging Championships in Cincinnati, OH this weekend! Clogging Premier from Minnesota gave Fancy Free Cloggers excellent competition all day long.

Despite being a clogger since childhood, I did not enter the competition world until my thirties. That may be why I view other adult teams as friends, not rivals. We clearly have something in common, and somebody's gonna take home a trophy. After the competition is over, we're all going back to work and real life. 

My team is going to do our best, but we're happy to congratulate you when you fairly when first place. We'll expect the same from your team at a future competition when the odds are in our favor. Maybe there will be a margarita on the line as well as a trophy. (There are a few advantages to getting older!)

Plus, clogging adults are automatically cooler than regular adults. Case in point:


Dancer from Clogging Premier in her biker chick outfit (I believe this is for their standing line routine) = very cool. Evie in FFC's "Mrs. Beasley" dress for our precision routine = very cool. Me? I'm serving as the exception which proves the rule, ha-ha.

Final tally for FFC at the end of the competition was 3 firsts and 2 second places.


Clogging Premier had similar results in the main categories, due to we each ended up unopposed in a category (Precision for FFC, standing line for Clogging Premier.) 

Congrats to Clogging Premier for taking home the giant overall trophies for Adult Contemporary Team and Adult Traditional Team!

FFC had a fun day dancing with you, and we hope our paths cross at future competitions!


Is YOUR adult clogging team considering competition? Give it a try!

How many readers have any idea who Mrs. Beasley is?