Grace is NOT my middle name...


While Grace is a lovely name, my mama was wise enough NOT to bestow it upon this clumsy clogger...

At Melissa Pack's teach of "Old Time Pickin' " (advanced traditional with buck), I managed to slice my lower shin with a heel tap. Close examination of the cue sheet reveals no such move in the choreography. Didn't even know it happened until I noticed a trickle of blood soaking into my sock.

To make things even better, it wouldn't stop bleeding. I was too sweaty for a band-aid to stay on, and the location was such that the slice got re-opened with movement. Ultimately, I had to sit out the rest of the class. (At least this happened near the end.)

Here's a video to show Melissa that I CAN do her step now:

The photo at the top of this blog post shows my eventual fix to get through the remaining workshop classes that day. My teammate Sabrena had some gauze pads in her dance bag, and duct tape held them on. Yes, it is rather tight in this photo. I did remove this makeshift bandage and apply a looser one at lunch, with a dollop of neosporin for good measure.

It appears band-aids aren't enough to carry in my dance bag. I have ordered these items to be better prepared for the next workshop:

Looking forward to learning the last couple steps of Melissa's dance from Sabrena. Thanks again for a great teach, Melissa! Your routine will be a nice one for FFC to perform at the Red Barn sometime this year!


My youngest niece does have Grace as her middle name, but I have every confidence she will do it justice as she grows up!

Thank you to Molly for filming the redemption video and to Evie for providing adult supervision!

Who else has a story to share about being a clumsy clogger?