Good clogging jeans?

Is dance in your genes? Or in your jeans?

With summer weather comes outdoor festival season for cloggers. Commence happy dance! Many teams, Fancy Free Cloggers included, opt for denim and team tee shirts for such shows.

While it may not be as flashy as other costumes, this outfit comes with distinct advantages: 

1. No pantyhose!

2. No changing in a porta potty after the show in order to walk around and enjoy the festival.

3. Beginners are encouraged to give performing a try. A team tee shirt is way less of an investment than a custom fancy costume.

Despite the casual wardrobe, we're still putting on a show! My director implemented a few rules to make us look like a team. Clogging groups vary greatly in terms of style, age ranges, personality; this list won't be appropriate for every team. However, Evie's guidelines can certainly be a starting point for developing your own.

FFC Denim Requirements:

1. Jeans/capris/shorts are all acceptable, but shorts must be approximately knee length. 

2. Denim should be a dark wash.

3. No distressed denim, no blingy denim.

For the past couple years, I've been wearing Pajama Jeans (both jeans and capris) for clogging shows. The ease of movement compared to traditional denim is a bonus. Unfortunately, I find the color to be inconsistent. They also tend to wear out quickly with dancing.

Does anybody have another brand to recommend in a jean or capri style for dance performances? (Knee length shorts tend to be unflattering on me, so I skip the shorts option altogether.) If you've found the perfect clogging denim or denim lookalike, please let me know!

Enjoy those summer shows, cloggers! 

Does YOUR team wear denim and team tee shirts for performances? Are dancers free to choose any style, or do you have set rules?