Bring back your beginner fire!


Even the most enthusiastic veteran clogger benefits from a visit to beginner dance class! Remember when you first started, and double toes were AMAZING?! How you practiced EVERYWHERE, driving friends and family bonkers?  If those days and feelings seem far removed from your current outlook, hang out with a group of new dancers and remember the joy!


Fancy Free Cloggers met these two young ladies at a Red Barn performance in July. Chatting after the show revealed that their mother clogged as a child. Contact info was exchanged, and guess who showed up for dance class the following week? Both sisters AND mom!


FFC instructor Bob shared a few basic clogging steps and instilled a give-it-a-try-who-cares-if-you-mess-up mindset. 


I LOVE that clogging can be enjoyed by dancers of all ages! Alexis (age 6) partnered up with Jim (age 94) for a fun dance, and they both had a ball!


These beginners made the "Chicken Dance" fresh and fun again! FFC's version includes jumping into the center of the circle for a silly solo whenever the mood strikes. Somewhere around her third class, Madison announced that she had prepared a "Chicken Dance" solo. We were NOT disappointed!


Madison inspired all of us to up our "Chicken Dance" game!


Next time you struggle to learn a new routine or to keep going during a tough performance, remember how much fun this is!

I know I'll be bringing a renewed appreciation for clogging to competition team practice this weekend. THANK YOU, Madison and Alexis! (And Eliza!)

Has a beginner ever reminded YOU why you love dance?