Bring back your beginner fire!

Even the most enthusiastic veteran clogger benefits from a visit to beginner dance class! Remember when you first started, and double toes were AMAZING?! How you practiced EVERYWHERE, driving friends and family bonkers?  If those days and feelings seem far removed from your current outlook, hang out with a group of new dancers and remember the joy!

Remember the joy!

If you have been clogging for years, do yourself a favor and go to beginner class!

I recently attended the very first beginner clogging class at a new performing arts/entertainment center (Congrats to a member of my clogging family on starting his new business!). It was fun to watch wide-eyed students work on finding the beat, learning the difference between a step/stamp/stomp, and cautiously attempting a (gasp!) double toe!

Class number three included considerably more happy noise: SHOES!