Remember the joy!


If you have been clogging for years, do yourself a favor and go to beginner class!

I recently attended the very first beginner clogging class at a new performing arts/entertainment center (Congrats to a member of my clogging family on starting his new business!). It was fun to watch wide-eyed students work on finding the beat, learning the difference between a step/stamp/stomp, and cautiously attempting a (gasp!) double toe!

Class number three included considerably more happy noise: SHOES! A few students received shoe orders and were excited to try them out. Remember that feeling of walking out on slippery new taps and actually making noise like your instructor? It's not just a kid thing - the adults were every bit as giddy!

I hear class number four introduced Cotton-Eyed Joe. Looking forward to returning in a week or two to see their progress.

After approximately thirty years of clogging, I still love it, but nothing compares to those first few classes that get you hooked. Many thanks to Wolfe Mountain Entertainment for reminding me of the joy!

What are your favorite memories from beginner clogging class?