Clogging class cancelled? Say it ain't snow...


Time to review the snow day policy at your dance studio! Is class automatically cancelled with local school closings? Does your director post it on social media?

No dance class this week for Fancy Free Cloggers. Local roads were a snowy, icy mess! Evie announced the closure on Facebook and personally notified teammates who don't use social media and/or don't have internet access at home.

A few missed classes due to snow are inevitable in many parts of the country. When those snow days come, here are a few activities to keep you prepared for the next class or performance:

1. Update your calendar

Got a calendar or planner for the new year? Start marking important dates such as shows, competitions, and workshops to avoid scheduling conflicts later.

2. Register or make reservations

If you already know which hotel you want to stay in for a particular event, go ahead and reserve your room! If you wait, the rooms may be gone, or the discounted rate may no longer be available

Registering in advance for clogging workshops allows the organizers to better plan the event, plus most offer an early bird discount. This leaves you with more cash to spend at the vendor tables. Everybody wins!

3. Stock your clogging bag

Did you use that extra hair tie or last band-aid? Replenish those dance essentials and know you are fully prepared for the next clogging class.

4. Dance

Review current routines, run drills to improve a particular technique, watch a video online to learn something completely new, or try your hand at choreography.

5. Organize costumes

Is your costume drawer (or closet, or garment bag) still a mess following holiday performances? Rescue those costume pieces from the bottom of the hamper and get them safely stored away, along with any matching accessories.

6. Polish your shoes

I tend to put this job off until the day before or the day of a performance, and then I have to worry about the polish fully drying before packing the shoes. Save yourself the hassle and pretty up that footwear now.

7. File cue sheets

This sounds horribly tedious, but I bet most of us have a stack of cue sheets sitting around. Whether you file them alphabetically, chronologically, or by some other method, bringing a bit of order to this stack can only help. It might even inspire you to dust off an old routine or incorporate a forgotten step into new choreography!

8. Unleash your inner Elsa

Build a snowman, sled down a hill, make snow angels, drink hot cocoa! Enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts.

Stay warm and safe, cloggers!


CREDIT: The snow lady in the the cover photo is one of my mom's craft projects. I added clogging shoes for the photo shoot. Snow lady lives with her brother in my parents' front yard.

What's the snow day policy at YOUR dance studio? Have you missed any winter classes so far due to the weather?