Book review

Dance book review: Daisy Tappytoes Dares to Dance

Sometimes, only the power of dance can save the day. If that dancing happens to be provided by a talking fawn wearing red tap shoes, so much the better!

Daisy Tappytoes Dares to Dance is part of the Magic Animal Friends series, written by Daisy Meadows. Does that name sound familiar? It's the same author (actually, group of authors) who brought us Tasha the Tap Dance Fairyfeatured in an earlier book review.

Dance book review: Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy

I thought I found just a cute series of children's books about dancing fairies. Nope! I also found an explanation for my mistakes in dance class! There are over 200 books in the Rainbow Magic collection, which has been going strong since 2003. A new title came out in September of 2017, and a little online research revealed another series release scheduled for May, 2018.

Clogging Book Review: Alfred the Possum On the Road with the Green Grass Cloggers

The world can certainly use more clogging books. This one throws in a pair of pet possums - what's not to love?!

Alfred the Possum: On the Road with the Green Grass Cloggers was written by Leanne E. Smith and illustrated by Madalyn McLeod. It is available in paperback, and was published in 2015.