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Road to the crown: Miss Southeastern Clogger Pageant (PART TWO)

Interested in trying a clogger pageant? Kaley Conn and Summer Hanson from Clogging Connection (Florida) share the preparation techniques that helped them win crowns at the Miss Southeastern Clogger Pageant

Beauty and the beats: Miss Southeastern Clogger Pageant (PART ONE)

Anybody else clueless but curious about clogger pageants? I've seen ladies wearing crowns and sashes passing out awards at clogging competitions and that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge on this topic. 

Enter Kaley Conn, who was recently crowned Overall Queen for ages 12+ in the Miss Southeastern Clogger Pageant. One of Kaley's first missions as Queen is to spread the word about this pageant after she and a younger teammate both had wonderful experiences with the event

Parade at night? Let there be light!

Christmas season calls for parades. Night parades call for lights. HomeTown HoliDazzle in Wilmington, Ohio combines all of this and more! 

Fancy Free Cloggers once again snagged a spot in the parade lineup. This event is perfect to get FFC in the mood for our upcoming performances in the Murphy Theatre's Cartoon Christmas!

Holiday gifts for cloggers!

Even the savviest holiday shopper may find it difficult to check clogging relatives off the shopping list. It's not like you can camp outside the local clogging superstore on Black Friday and fill a cart with bargains. (We can dream about it, though!) Here's a list of ideas to get you started:

Dance book review: Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy

I thought I found just a cute series of children's books about dancing fairies. Nope! I also found an explanation for my mistakes in dance class! There are over 200 books in the Rainbow Magic collection, which has been going strong since 2003. A new title came out in September of 2017, and a little online research revealed another series release scheduled for May, 2018.

Adventures in clogging: lighted Christmas parade!

The holiday season is in full swing, which means plenty of performance opportunities for cloggers! The latest for Fancy Free Cloggers was the Hometown Holidazzle lighted parade in Wilmington, Ohio!

First, the name "Hometown Holidazzle" is adorable and fun to say! Second, the town goes all out for this event!

I wish I had a photo of the parade grandstand, but couldn't get one since I was IN the parade! It was shining and flashing like Vegas! Way to go, Wilmington!

The clogging team that stays together, um, stays together...

On a recent trip to Chicago, my clogging team tried something new for accommodations: Airbnb!

We normally do the hotel thing, sharing rooms to cut down on cost. That works fine, but we aren't all together, we're usually cramped in a small room, etc.

During the planning process for this trip, one of my teammates spoke up about her experience with Airbnb. She offered to research options through that service.

National dance list/fun dance challenge!

When you attend a clogging event, how many fun dance routines do you know by heart?  (I mean REALLY know, without back-rowing it.) Twelve percent? Fifty percent? 

If you're Nelson at the World of Clogging workshop fun dance, that number must be close to ninety-eight percent! 

Clogging shoe care: A review of Tarrago Shoe Cream

Dirt and scuffs and stains, oh my! Between dance classes and shows, those clogging shoes quickly lose their shine and become less than show-worthy (Not sure that's really a word, but you know what it means.).

Lately, my shoe polish hasn't been cutting it, and I've started a search to find the best products to keep my clogging shoes looking good.

How do cloggers refill the tank? Five tips...

We’ve all been there: Practice is not even close to over. There are still 5 more songs to go in the show. Sweat drips down your forehead into your eyeballs. You are drained.

How does a clogger keep up the energy and get it done?

Have you complimented a clogger today?

Have you attended a well-run dance class or workshop lately? Watched a clogger nail a routine in competition or a demo? Is a dancer on your team working hard and progressing quickly from beginner to intermediate level? Did someone bring tasty snacks (no bake cookies, perhaps) to clogging class?


Christmas gifts for cloggers!

Shopping for cloggers can be tough. Retail stores generally don't have a clogging section, so a little creativity and fancy footwork may be required. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for the cloggers in your life:

What's in your clogging bag?

Let's face it: Clogging requires STUFF. Stuff you need to carry and keep organized. Stuff you want to have at the ready without thinking about it.

Over time, most cloggers will accumulate a personal set of essential items to keep in the clogging bag. I actually have TWO clogging bags, depending on the situation.

A pumpkin, a princess, and a creepy clown walk into a clogging show...

There's no punch line to follow this title, but it could very well describe the front row lineup of your Halloween clogging show this weekend!

While I won't be clogging at any Halloween events this year, I have done a few in my day. The costume you wear to a friend's party may NOT be the costume you should wear for performance!