Sister dance teams

Mothman Festival: where monsters and cloggers make friends.

Fancy Free Cloggers paid a visit to our West Virginia “sister team” to perform at the 2019 Mothman Festival. Many thanks to Riverside Cloggers for inviting us to share this fun show with you!

Paid parking at nearby Krodel Park approached capacity by midmorning Saturday. Word is out about this cool festival! Don’t bother waiting in the shuttle line if you can walk the distance to Main Street; enjoy this mural, chuckle at the name “Piggly Wiggly” as you stroll past the grocery store, and try to cross the street with folks pushing strollers. Traffic will stop for a stroller. For me, not so much.

Clog. Search for monsters. Typical weekend, right?

Fancy Free Cloggers made our annual trek to West Virginia to perform with the Riverside Cloggers and enjoy the kookiness and spookiness that is the Mothman Festival. As usual, the town of Point Pleasant did not disappoint!