What are you lookin' at?!

MISSION: Obtain a new pair of pantyhose before our second clogging show of the day. My current pair developed a runner in the foot during show number one. Clear nail polish had this contained but my only backup pair was already used once. Wanted the security of a new pair in the clogging bag.

OPTIONS: This was not my hometown, but I knew how to get to Kroger and Walmart. Kroger was closer.

WARDROBE: Red crinoline removed for driving. This left me in a blue clogging dress with a red ruffle and white lace trim. Gingham hair ribbon on the ponytail topped it off.  The chilly drizzly day prompted me to throw a team sweatshirt over the ensemble.

INITIAL ATTEMPT: People gave me weird looks all over the place at Kroger! Do these people never have to get something from the store at the last minute? Do they have no hobbies which require special clothing? After wandering through the store to find pantyhose, the size/color combo I needed wasn't there. Aargh!

SUCCESS: Pantyhose found at Walmart! NOBODY gave me a second look as I walked the aisles. I was ready to drive to the next performance, with one nagging question in mind:

Y'all will tell me if my picture ends up on one of those People Of Walmart websites, right?