So many reasons for a clogger to be thankful!


We have reasons to be thankful about many aspects of our lives! This being a clogging blog and all, here are 7 dance-related reasons for an attitude of gratitude:

7. Taps

Isn't it great to make noise with your feet?! Doesn't matter if you prefer Steven Stompers regular taps, buck taps, Bell taps, or some other type. The first time you dance with taps is magical!

6. Music

A peppy song will get my toes tappin' before the first 8-count is complete! Hearing old clogging songs on the radio takes me back to people and places I don't ever want to forget.

5. Audience

Performers know that even a little enthusiasm from the crowd makes any show better! A tired dancer can feed off the audience and just. keep. going. I'm thankful to clog in venues, such as the Red Barn Convention Center,  where there are regulars at every show. I know where they sit and can look that direction to find a smiling face, even when I'm having an off night!

4. Teammates

These people see you sweat, mess up dance steps, and nail dance steps. They see you get tired and grouchy, and see you shine. They sometimes literally pick you up from the floor! My teammates see sides of me unknown to the general public. (You're welcome, general public!)

3. Duct tape

Metal taps and slippery floors are not the best mix! An essential item in the clogging bag, duct tape helps us stay upright and finish the routine!

2. Clogging directors

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! Thank you to those brave souls who step up to become clogging directors and help keep the clogging world spinning!

1. Clogging itself

Little did I know during those first lessons as a fifth grader that I would still be doing this 30+ years later! Other hobbies have come and gone, but I am still a clogger. Glad I fell in love with an active hobby that allows for such longevity!

Happy Thanksgiving, Cloggers!

What are YOU thankful for with regards to clogging (or any other hobby you enjoy)?