Crinoline=high fashion

The audience doesn't know the half of it!

I feel sorry for the audience at big shows. Sure, they get to sit in comfy seats and get the best views of all the razzle dazzle, but they don't know the inside jokes that develop during rehearsal, the hustle and bustle of keeping performers and props where they need to be, the last-minute adjustments due to mistakes or malfunctions, or the goofy things we all do while waiting in the wings. The audience is missing out!

Dancin' on Sunshine: Florida Clogging Festival 2017, PART ONE

Fancy Free Cloggers became snowbirds for the weekend as we traveled to the Florida Clogging Festival! We admit to texting a few smug photos to friends and family - it was 22 degrees back home when we took the competition stage! As usual, the trip was an adventure, and we have many stories to share...

What are you lookin' at?!

MISSION: Obtain a new pair of pantyhose before our second clogging show of the day. My current pair developed a runner in the foot during show number one. Clear nail polish had this contained but my only backup pair was already used once. Wanted the security of a new pair in the clogging bag.

OPTIONS: This was not my hometown, but I knew how to get to Kroger and Walmart. Kroger was closer.