It doesn't have to be complicated.

Fancy Free Cloggers celebrated Halloween, which conveniently fell on our usual class night, with a simple party. Nothing crazy. Evie cooked up a pot of chili, everybody contributed a snack (My cheese ball was such hard work, ha-ha!), and we showed up in costumes, ready to dance and eat! Evie's Halloween decorations have been in the studio all month, so all she needed to do was set up a few tables. 

A pumpkin, a princess, and a creepy clown walk into a clogging show...

There's no punch line to follow this title, but it could very well describe the front row lineup of your Halloween clogging show this weekend!

While I won't be clogging at any Halloween events this year, I have done a few in my day. The costume you wear to a friend's party may NOT be the costume you should wear for performance!