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Betty's Bein' Bad! National dance list/fun dance challenge continues with some confusion.

The national dance list/fun dance challenge continues at Fancy Free Studios. Evie requested “Betty’s Bein’ Bad” as our next routine to tackle because she danced it years ago and loved it.

I never learned this dance previously but set to work preparing it for Tuesday night clogging class. My cue sheet states the routine was choreographed “before 1986.” The song was released in 1985 by Sawyer Brown, so this all checks out. Do yourself a favor and watch Sawyer’s video for this tune, if only to relive the colorful joy of 1980s clothing.

Pretty Little Angel Eyes - national dance list/fun dance challenge update

"Pretty Little Angel Eyes" is officially in the repertoire for Fancy Free Cloggers! When's the next fun dance? 

FFC enjoyed learning this bouncy routine as part of the national dance list/fun dance challenge. Many teammates already knew and loved the routine but hadn't performed it in years. The rest fell in love as soon as I played the music!

Bad Moon Rising - national dance list/fun dance challenge update

October is the perfect time to dust off that classic clogging routine to Credence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising".  The song's spooky vibe sets the tone for a Halloween performance! Your team can also have a chuckle at the famous misinterpretation of lyrics: There's a bathroom on the right!

Here's what this clogger is currently...

It's August! What's going on in the life and times of cloggers right now? 

(Share your update in the comments - let's have fun with this!)

Here's what THIS clogger is currently...


"Bad" - choreography by teammate Dustin.

"Work" - choreography by teammate Sabrena.

"Bad Moon Rising" - choreography by Steve Smith (routine from the CLOG National Dance List.) Working on my national dance list/fun dance challenge!

Calls for our new competition hoedown!

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